Jasmine and Terry Wedding

Meet Jasmine and Terry. They planned their wedding all the way from Tennessee, arriving only a week before the actual day to iron out the little details. We met 2 days before the day of the wedding but prior to that, we had only been communicating via email. In the end, none of that really mattered because Jasmine and Terry were one of the coolest and most composed couples I’ve ever met. Nothing, not even the chaos that always goes on during weddings could rattle their control of the situation. Now that’s great chemsitry!

Here are some highlights of the wedding…enjoy!

One thought on “Jasmine and Terry Wedding

  1. Thank you Edwin… You were WONDERFUL to work with as well. You capture every emotion of the day and every moment that I would have forgotten about otherwise. I wanted you to be free in the shots you took and not limited us to posing the whole day and you gave me exactly what I asked for. I recommend you to everyone I send the link to. California meet the best photgrapher out there, Mr. Edwin So!

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