Edwin So Photography 2013-2014 Wedding Packages

A woman, rushing out of her burning home, grabs her jacket and family pictures from the living room before the whole house is engulfed in flames.

A man holds a picture of his wife and kids, the only thing he has left after a tornado blows through their neighborhood.

How many times have we heard this story over and over again.  When faced with horrific tragedies, people hold on to what matters most… memories of their life and the people they love.  These things that we hold dear to our hearts are worth more than just an album or a framed picture of a time in the past.  They are priceless.


What sets me apart from other photographers?  I don’t just shoot your wedding and give you a DVD of all the digital files.  That’s still possible of course, if you choose so, but my ultimate goal is to create a beautiful memorabilia of one of the most important days of your life.  That starts with me and my team photographing your wedding and it ends with delivering beautiful products that you can show your children, and they to theirs and so on.   That is why my packages are centered around professionally crafted albums and print products specially made for you.  View my current Wedding Packages and drop me a note if you want to know more.

~ ES ~

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