Personal Project: Music Video

Sometimes, when I have my headphones on with songs on my phone or when I’m listening to the radio while driving in LA traffic, my mind drifts and starts visualizing the music.  Then I start creating scenes in my head …changing and developing them as the music progresses.  Sometimes the scenes are so vivid in my mind I could replay the whole thing from beginning to end.  That’s how this video project started.  Of course, the end product isn’t exactly what I had originally envisioned it to be. I had to improvise a lot of times during the shoot, which took just about 2 hours on a sunny day in Malibu CA.  It took me almost a month to edit it, changing color grading and scene sequences.  Sometimes I’d sit wishing I had done things differently or shot more of this and that.  At one point I almost abandoned the project feeling frustrated about the whole thing.  Well, as it turned out, all I needed to do was step away from it for a while.  Two wedding weekends later, I opened the project back on my computer and pleasantly realized that I liked what I had done already….So after another hour with it,  I completed the project and so here it is….  Probably not the best music video ever made but I like it and I’m happy I went through the whole experience of visualizing something and seeing it actually come to life…  Enjoy…


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