Brittney and Alex Wedding Video Highlights

Here’s the first of two wedding video’s I’m posting today.  Been pretty busy working on other stuff the past few months. I’m also in the process of revamping my gear.  I’m slowly embracing the amazing Micro Four Thirds System.  Although I still can’t imagine shooting a wedding without my full frame Canon gear, I believe that point is not very far down the road.

This wedding was shot in gorgeous Laguna Beach.  Thanks to Michael Garcia for assisting on this one 🙂


Personal Project: Music Video

Sometimes, when I have my headphones on with songs on my phone or when I’m listening to the radio while driving in LA traffic, my mind drifts and starts visualizing the music.  Then I start creating scenes in my head …changing and developing them as the music progresses.  Sometimes the scenes are so vivid in my mind I could replay the whole thing from beginning to end.  That’s how this video project started.  Of course, the end product isn’t exactly what I had originally envisioned it to be. I had to improvise a lot of times during the shoot, which took just about 2 hours on a sunny day in Malibu CA.  It took me almost a month to edit it, changing color grading and scene sequences.  Sometimes I’d sit wishing I had done things differently or shot more of this and that.  At one point I almost abandoned the project feeling frustrated about the whole thing.  Well, as it turned out, all I needed to do was step away from it for a while.  Two wedding weekends later, I opened the project back on my computer and pleasantly realized that I liked what I had done already….So after another hour with it,  I completed the project and so here it is….  Probably not the best music video ever made but I like it and I’m happy I went through the whole experience of visualizing something and seeing it actually come to life…  Enjoy…


Julian and Gaby’s Wedding – Los Angeles Wedding Photography – LA Cathedral

Here are highlights from Julian and Gaby’s wedding in Los Angeles. When I shot their engagement session a few months ago, we talked a bit about their wedding day.  Back then I had a feeling it was going to be one picturesque event. Well, it sure didn’t disappoint.  Gaby was goreous in her wedding gown and the whole ceremony at the LA Cathedral was classic!  There were some hiccups during the reception but overall it was a great day. This was one of the biggest receptions I’ve shot in a while…aside from the one last year where the couple had over 600 guests!

I was also delighted to be shooting alongside Sergio Colchado of OSPhotoVideo.  Sergio and I have shot a good number of wedding together already and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding videographer.

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Silvia and Patrick Woodward – Malibu CA Wedding Photography

Silvia and Patrick were married among family and friends on June 15 at St. Timothy Church in Los Angeles.  The reception was in Saddle Rock Ranch in Malibu, a beautiful hilltop ranch with a fabulous view of Malibu Wines vineyard.  Thank you to Bryan Lee of BWLee Photography for assisting!2 4 3 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 13


Barbara and Steve – Los Angeles, Wedding Videography

Barb and Steve waited 16 years to say their vows. Throughout that time their love only grew stronger and stronger. It was a privilege to be able to document their wedding day. Congrats and best wishes!

View Barb and Steve’s wedding pics taken by photographer Jessie Cadenas of A Story In Time Photography



Joaquin and Melyna, Wedding Highlights – Los Angeles Wedding Videography

Recently finished editing Joaquin and Melyna’s wedding video highlights.  It was a pleasure to shoot and they were one of the nicest couples I’ve ever had the honor of shooting.  This was a solo job, so I had to carry much of the equipment myself between Joaquin and Melyna’s place, the church and the the reception.  I got home exhausted but found my 6 year old daughter sleeping in the family room.  My wife said she wanted to wait for me and fell asleep at the couch, but only after writing me a short note saying how much she missed me.  It just doesn’t get any better than that 🙂



Edwin So Photography 2013-2014 Wedding Packages

A woman, rushing out of her burning home, grabs her jacket and family pictures from the living room before the whole house is engulfed in flames.

A man holds a picture of his wife and kids, the only thing he has left after a tornado blows through their neighborhood.

How many times have we heard this story over and over again.  When faced with horrific tragedies, people hold on to what matters most… memories of their life and the people they love.  These things that we hold dear to our hearts are worth more than just an album or a framed picture of a time in the past.  They are priceless.


What sets me apart from other photographers?  I don’t just shoot your wedding and give you a DVD of all the digital files.  That’s still possible of course, if you choose so, but my ultimate goal is to create a beautiful memorabilia of one of the most important days of your life.  That starts with me and my team photographing your wedding and it ends with delivering beautiful products that you can show your children, and they to theirs and so on.   That is why my packages are centered around professionally crafted albums and print products specially made for you.  View my current Wedding Packages and drop me a note if you want to know more.

~ ES ~

Jenny and Josh Herrera – Los Angeles Wedding Photography, Azusa CA

Jenn and Josh got married at Jenn’s parent’s house in Azusa CA.  The ceremony was intimate and the reception was festive yet laid back.  A lovely and memorable day for a lovely couple.  Congrats guys and best of luck!  Here are some of my favorites from their collection.

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