Personal Project: Music Video

Sometimes, when I have my headphones on with songs on my phone or when I’m listening to the radio while driving in LA traffic, my mind drifts and starts visualizing the music.  Then I start creating scenes in my head …changing and developing them as the music progresses.  Sometimes the scenes are so vivid in my mind I could replay the whole thing from beginning to end.  That’s how this video project started.  Of course, the end product isn’t exactly what I had originally envisioned it to be. I had to improvise a lot of times during the shoot, which took just about 2 hours on a sunny day in Malibu CA.  It took me almost a month to edit it, changing color grading and scene sequences.  Sometimes I’d sit wishing I had done things differently or shot more of this and that.  At one point I almost abandoned the project feeling frustrated about the whole thing.  Well, as it turned out, all I needed to do was step away from it for a while.  Two wedding weekends later, I opened the project back on my computer and pleasantly realized that I liked what I had done already….So after another hour with it,  I completed the project and so here it is….  Probably not the best music video ever made but I like it and I’m happy I went through the whole experience of visualizing something and seeing it actually come to life…  Enjoy…


September – December 2011 Roundup.

A collection of images from the past couple of months. It’s been a great year for SoPhotography and 2012 is looking even brighter!  Happy New Year to all!

SoPhotography Teams Up with OSPhotoVideo

I am excited to be working with Sergio Colchado of OS Photo & Video on several wedding projects this year. Sergio is an excellent videographer and is easily one of the best in and around Southern California.  We have collaborated and created the perfect Wedding Photo and Video package for anyone looking to hire a great team for their wedding.  Contact or now to get more information and schedule a meetup!

Rodeo in LA!

Had a chance to watch a Rodeo with my family this weekend so I decided to bring my 70-200mm. Shot from considerably high up the stands and cropped in post processing… Enjoy!

Long Beach Fight Night

August 18, 2010, Long Beach City College

My first foray into the world of sports photography.  A buddy of mine got me in the event as a press photographer so I was covering all 9 matches from the press seats just below the ring.  Only the referee was closer to the fighters than we were! Seeing all the heart pounding action up close was truly an amazing experience …  can’t wait for the next one!

I used the Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens on my D700 for the entire event.  Shot mostly at ISO 3200 and up @ 400fps.

Some images below:

Full gallery (being updated as of this post) here. (Password:  lbfn)

More pics here

Steve and Jessica

January 30, 2010

Hacienda Heights, CA

Picturesque Downtown San Diego

Drove down to San Diego during Memorial Day weekend.  Great food, beautiful downtown and lots of photo ops…

Concert Photography

Todd Owyoung is a concert photographer who pushes low light – high ISO photography and digital image processing to a whole new level. His portfolio includes defining images of iconic artists at their very best. Stunning, passionate and awe inspiring. Checkout ishootshows.comiss