Julian and Gaby’s Wedding – Los Angeles Wedding Photography – LA Cathedral

Here are highlights from Julian and Gaby’s wedding in Los Angeles. When I shot their engagement session a few months ago, we talked a bit about their wedding day.  Back then I had a feeling it was going to be one picturesque event. Well, it sure didn’t disappoint.  Gaby was goreous in her wedding gown and the whole ceremony at the LA Cathedral was classic!  There were some hiccups during the reception but overall it was a great day. This was one of the biggest receptions I’ve shot in a while…aside from the one last year where the couple had over 600 guests!

I was also delighted to be shooting alongside Sergio Colchado of OSPhotoVideo.  Sergio and I have shot a good number of wedding together already and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding videographer.

IMG_0243 IMG_0235 IMG_0218 IMG_8852 IMG_8860 IMG_9798  IMG_8819 IMG_8759 IMG_8872 IMG_9059


Joaquin and Melyna, Wedding Highlights – Los Angeles Wedding Videography

Recently finished editing Joaquin and Melyna’s wedding video highlights.  It was a pleasure to shoot and they were one of the nicest couples I’ve ever had the honor of shooting.  This was a solo job, so I had to carry much of the equipment myself between Joaquin and Melyna’s place, the church and the the reception.  I got home exhausted but found my 6 year old daughter sleeping in the family room.  My wife said she wanted to wait for me and fell asleep at the couch, but only after writing me a short note saying how much she missed me.  It just doesn’t get any better than that 🙂


Brittney and Matt’s Engagement

A video of one of the last shoots I did in January.  Shot at LA Live and the Marriott hotel in Downtown LA.  Brittney and Matt were great to shoot and a hansome couple too!

Tech details:

Cameras:  Canon 5DMII and 60D

Extra:  Konova slider & LED lights.

Jon and Sogol Engagement

Shot in Little Corona in Newport Beach CA on July 23. Don’t let the name fool you though….While it’s a relatively secluded area of the beach, it was packed to the edges with sunbathers toe-to-toe in the sand and body-boarders surfing the waves. Someone should have reminded us that it was summer, after all, in California.

Luckily, it wasn’t the lovely waters nor the beautiful Southern California weather that was to save the day… Jon and Sogol, came with the energy and enthusiasm only two people in love could exude and I couldn’t have asked for anything more…

Steve and Jessica

January 30, 2010

Hacienda Heights, CA

Aric and Mary

Rowland Heights, CA August 22, 2009

Last wedding of the Summer.  One of the longest weddings I’ve ever covered… but the food was excellent!  Congrats to Mary and Aric an awesome and happy couple !

Brent and Melissa

A hot summer wedding!  The location was perfect and so was the couple.  My D60 backup came in very handy during group shots and the 50mm 1.4 was consistent as ever on those close-ups and portraits.  Menu for the reception was In-N-Out burger animal style!  Enjoyed this wedding a lot..congrats Brent and Melissa!